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    New Event BiGRace


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    New Event BiGRace

    Post by MasTer[Abdo] on Mon Dec 29, 2014 11:25 am

    cheers  cheers How Are all We have Now New Event Good cheers  cheers   ]BiGRace]

    Thats Event Start All Day 19:00 to 19:03 You Send Automatcly or Go To Crouns [251 505] When You Get On You Should Wait To Start Event THats Start 19:03 See Photo

    You Should Wait to Start Quest after Goo

    after that you will go to map pk and wait second player

    Winner Get BagPk
    thats give 10,000 eps and 5 univers 25* and 10 clover and Wis[BlackLuck+4]

    Maked By MasterAbdo

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