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    Offical Quest Frozen Burrow


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    Offical Quest Frozen Burrow

    Post by MasTer[Abdo] on Wed Jun 24, 2015 10:49 pm

    Offical Quest Frozen Burrow
    ًWelcome All We will explain now Frozen Burrow Thats Quest Give More Eps and Gift To Know How Find Npc use Book DraGon Warrior Or Go To Crouns 345 346 But DontForget So you can access to the َQuest Need to Your BP 400 and One Only in Quest.

    Aids in Frozen Burrow
    you will find that monsters
    1-Glacial Swarm  
    2-Hive Mistress  
    3-Frozen Warrior
    all that Drop Hp and  Item Ston Reve and Xp Skill

    But You Need 10 from that To Ge That Crystal Rev and XpSkill  DontForget You Can Use That in Frozen Burrow Only
    There are 4 barriers of monsters to reach the [ Hive Queen ]

    1- Toxic Russ
    To send to the island Toxic Russ You Need Kill 3 monsters
    Drop for that boss

    2- Scorpion Oberion Kill 3 from EliteEgrate To Go  island Scorpion Oberion Drop
    3- SpawnerDima You Need Kill 3 EliteHellSwarm From To Go  island SpawnerDima Drop
    4- SteelMorgan you need kill 3 from EliteSucker to go island SteelMorgan Drop
    Final  Hive Queen

    Drop Hive Queen

    That Queen Give More Give and You Get 8000 eps in thats Quest Good Luck Have Fun

    New Vedio For Quest..... king king farao farao
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