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    Event Dynamite BigEvent


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    Event Dynamite BigEvent

    Post by MasTer[Abdo] on Sat Jun 13, 2015 1:33 am

    Event Dynamite

    Hello all My Friends i Will Explain Now New Big Event Dynamite That Good Event For All Player There are a lot of gifts can be obtained from the event
    Explain Event

    1- How You Find That and What time For that and How Use ? You Will Find that in  All around Market Search For That that Npc Dynamite Almost every hour arises about 70  one Dynamite_Ston    all 5 It is transferred to You Will Find Npc in Crouns  259 521 thats all 1 hour

    Gifts Event Dynamite
    there are 4 Gift cheers  Weapon Gift cheers  Clothes Gift cheers More Gift cheers  Noob Gift cheers

    Weapon Gift

    1- Weapon Gift: for all Class  flower  Warrior Mage Pladin Vampire Necromncer Darcknight  flower You Can Change THats For Gift Dynamite or Change Your Weapon For  50k Eps and Number Gift Dynamite  or  Donate any Weapon For 10$
    1-Warrior Weapon [ AzureFrostBlade / AzureFrostSword   farao  Blada[DraGonIcy]/Sowrd[DraGonIcy]  farao Soul.DevelBlada/Soul.DevelSowrd  farao Blada[D.RedFire]/Sword[D.Fire] ][/color]

    2-Mage Weapon [ StaffSOUL   farao  RedDevilStaff  farao [AzureCreamStaff][/color]

    3-Pleadin Weapon [ Soul.SuprFlyer   farao  AzureWand  farao
    [/color]400 card /500 card

    4-Vampire Weapon [AzureFrostTalons]   farao  [YakuzaTalons] farao [[FrozenTalons] farao [OlympianTalon[Y] farao [OlympianTalon[R] farao [Divine-BlueDream] farao [AkatSukiTalons] farao [SaintTalons][/color]

    5-Necromncer Weapon [ ٍStuffSoul   farao  SoulCowadro  farao

    6-DarckNight Weapon [ ٍS.SpearWing   farao  Shadow.D.wSoul  farao FireDraGonSoul farao

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