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    Hello All Player There are New Event Thats good Event Good But need Vote to Make Server Number 1
    Each player all 5 Hour You Can Get on Map Twice for 5 minutes  You Will Find Npc in Crouns in thats Records [ 304 521 ] but there are
    Terms to Play in thats Quest Your  level > 130  Your BP 400

    You Will Kill SilentVote To Get Card Vote Dontforget You Have 5 min To Get More Card Vote and You Get in bag eps According To Your Vip Example  vip 7 Get 60 eps in all one SilentVote    


    There are 3 offers for gift when you get 100 card you can get good gift . 500 card get special gift 1000 card very Special Gift  
    1-Gift 100 card lucky
    alien 1- 5 Universl 25*  alien
    alien 2- 12 Universl 12*  alien
    alien 3- 20 Universl 6*  alien
    alien 4- 10 Universl 19*  alien
    alien 5- 20000 Eps  alien
    alien 6- Wis orang +50  alien
    alien 7- Wis Special Clothes  alien

    1-Gift 500 card lucky
     sunny  sunny   1-sunny  sunny 20 Universl 25*   sunny  sunny  
     sunny  sunny   2-sunny  sunny 10 Card Quest New Player   sunny  sunny  
     sunny  sunny   3-sunny  sunny 50000 Eps  sunny  sunny  
     sunny  sunny   4-sunny  sunny Super Clothes  sunny  sunny  
     sunny  sunny   5- sunny  :sunny:Thunder Juice  sunny  sunny  
     sunny  sunny   6- sunny  :sunny:Bag 10 Special Exp Ball  sunny  sunny  
     sunny  sunny   7- sunny  :sunny:50 Card Luck Ston To Get Wis Red +50  sunny  sunny  

    1-Gift 1000 card lucky
      king  queen    1- 45 Universl 25*king  queen  
      king  queen    2-  70000 Eps  king  queen  
      king  queen    3-  Super Special Clothes  king  queen  
      king  queen    4-  60 Card Luck to get Black  +20 Ston  king  queen  
      king  queen    5-  Special Mount Rabtor and Toro  king  queen  
      king  queen    6- 15  Special Exp Ball  king  queen  
      king  queen    7- SuperMoonBox  king  queen  
    8-king  king  queen 100 Card Soull To Cange Wepon Sould or You Can Wsp PM To change Your Wepon to Soul  king  king  queen

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    flower  flower Maked By MasteAbdo flower  flower

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