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    Boss KinG[Fox]


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    Boss KinG[Fox]

    Post by MasTer[Abdo] on Fri Apr 24, 2015 1:55 pm


    Hello all friend i will explain now new Boss King [Fox] You Will Find that in  Basketball Crouns island darck march mistry march volcano Gobi deasrt Basketball  THats Give Card  see Photo

    Thats Drop All Card Special Mount Card luck card MoonBox and SuperMoonBox Card N.Quest Card GoodEudemonSton And New Card FoxCard


    When You Get 10 Card You Can Change For Good Gift THats Lucky
    Gift For THats Card Universl 6* 50 Very Happy  Universl 12* 40 Very Happy Universl 19* 30 50000eps  Very Happy  Luck Ston Blue 3 limat  Very Happy  Luck Ston Green 3 limat  Very Happy Luck Ston Orange 2 limat  Very Happy 50 Clover  Very Happy  10 SpecialExpBall


    Records For Boss In Map


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    Re: Boss KinG[Fox]

    Post by tote on Sun May 24, 2015 4:38 am

    this is very good monster
    but too hard and drop have problem
    i kill him 50 time and every time give me
    50 Clovers - 3 yellow+50 luck Only no more

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